Greg Howlett

Greg HowlettGreg Howlett is a Christian concert pianist, educator, and recording artist. He began his music journey at the age of eight when he started playing for his small church near Kelso, Tennessee. He has studied and performed Christian music extensively for the past twenty eight years.

After college, Greg actually started his professional career as a software engineer. Eventually, doors opened for him to take a more active role in music production and performance. He released his first CD, Timeless Reflections, in 2003 and his second CD, Reflections on a Journey, in 2006. This second project was recorded with the famous Nashville String Machine orchestra, which was conducted by the well-known writer, Steve Mauldin.

In 2008, Greg recorded a new six hour DVD series entitled Inspirational Improvisation that teaches aspiring church pianists to improvise in a church setting. He also regularly publishes Christian piano lessons online at

Greg believes strongly that his music should reflect more than just technical ability. Because his music is Christian, he believes it primarily should communicate the nature of God. He often says that his job is not to impress people-- it is to affect them in a very deep and emotional way.

Greg lives in Monroe, Georgia with his wife, Marla, and four young children. In addition to his music career, he is the CEO/Founder of Vitabase, a nutritional supplement company. He is active at Grace Baptist Church in Dacula, Georgia.


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