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Course 5: Bible Music Philosophy

Teacher: Curtis Hollembeak
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Scriptural Music Standards:

Everyone has an opinion about music. The types of music that a person allows into his life become more than just background noise. Musical styles are perceived as being a matter of personal taste, just as much as favorite foods, colors, clothing and hair styles. However, many of us never stop to compare our personal choices with the clear teaching of God's Word. In this course, the student will make a thorough study of the Biblical principles involved in making wise choices concerning their music.

Lesson 1. Take Me to Your Leader

"Who Is In Control?"

The expression “take me to your leader” evokes some interesting and mostly humorous thoughts, but the truth of the matter is that everyone serves someone. Even the person who declares, “Nobody is going to tell me what to do” has become a slave to his own passions. The good thing is, we all have the ability to choose who our master is going to be. We must also remember that, in reality, we can only follow one ruler. Choose Christ as the master of your will, and, therefore, allow Him to decide and control the music in your life. He is to become your song! (Psalm 118:14)

Lesson 2. Music Speaks

"How Does Music Communicate?"

We must understand that music communicates on many different levels simultaneously, some obvious, and many subtle. Whenever this communication takes place, the message can and should be judged for it’s moral qualities. The transmission of ideas and feelings from one person to another creates a potential for good or evil. This lesson will describe several objective, observable ways that music communicates.

Lesson 3. A History of Music in the Bible

"Music from the Beginning to the End"

Throughout history, music has been closely entwined with human culture. The reason for this is simple: God is musical, and man has been created in God’s image. In this lesson, we focus on the history of music in the Bible.

Lesson 4. What Is Christian Music?

"A Summary of Scriptural Music Principles"

Much confusion abounds concerning what Christian music really is. Some would say that Christian music is anything performed by someone who claims to be a Christian. These same folks would claim that music and musical styles are “amoral,” an unreasonable stance at best. Let’s discuss what Scripture has to say about the subject of music.

Lesson 5. Music in the Church

"Sing His Praise in the Congregation (Psalm 149:1)"

Since the days of King David, and the great celebration that accompanied the return of the ark of the covenant, music has played a very important role in corporate worship events. In this lesson, we will focus on Biblical precedents, principles and practices that are applicable to our modern day local church worship services.

Lesson 6. The Power of Music

"Music Has the Ability to Move God and Man"

There are many amazing stories in the Bible that tell of music being used to powerfully influence people, and to bring down the presence and power of God. This lesson focuses on these examples, and will encourage an awareness of the influence that music can have.

Lesson 7. Musical Balance

"Sing with the Spirit, Sing with the Understanding Also"

In music, as in every area of our life, we ought to be striving for balance. Even within the realm of music that is acceptable and good for a Christian to listen to, there needs to be a proper understanding of the dangers of becoming unbalanced in our musical choices.

Lesson 8. Developing Discernment

"How Do I Choose the Right Music?"

Musical choices cannot be made solely on the basis of whether or not you “like it,” or whether or not it “blesses” you. Our decisions concerning music must be made on whether or not the music is Biblical in content and presentation, and does not violate any principles laid down in Scripture.

Lesson 9. Moving Forward

"Where Do We Go from Here?"

The man Joshua was commanded on several different occasions to “be strong and very courageous” as he followed God's leading in his life, leading the children of Israel into the promised land. As Christian musicians, we must take the offensive in practicing and promoting Biblical music. Let's study the life of Asaph and his contemporaries as a pattern for our day.